Mindful Movement

Combining her therapy/mental health and yoga/meditation backgrounds, Janice developed the Mindful Movement program, which is a blend of gentle, accessible, yoga-based movements to help participants connect with their bodies in a positive way while learning to cultivate focused attention through present-moment awareness (Mindfulness) and regulated breathing. Participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies with each subtle movement and are thus, developing body-awareness and intuition. Even the busiest of bodies can generally find a sense of calm and relaxation during and following a Mindful Movement session.

Mindful Movement facilitators pepper in tidbits of psychoeducational information throughout the session, regarding the “why’s” behind some of the practices we are engaging in, ie. Calming our nervous system, helping us to be present and pay attention, gently moving and stretching our bodies to keep us healthy and mobile, and learning to slow down our breath to help us in times of stress or anxiety.

These are skills that, when consistently practiced, begin to generalize outside of practice on the mat (or chair) and ideally become a way of life!

Janice has been teaching Mindful Movement to youth and adults in the mental health programs at the Oakville hospital for a year and a half and it has continued to receive positive feedback from both participants and staff. She teaches at community agencies in Halton, including SAVIS, and Community Living Burlington, and facilitates workshops for businesses (corporate wellness) and schools throughout the GTA.

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