11 similarities between running and emotional healing

11 similarities between running and emotional healing:

  1. You gotta start somewhere. And starting is the hardest part.
  2. The first mile always feels like crap. It is hard and uncomfortable and even painful sometimes, as your body starts to figure out what you are doing and that you are safe. You’ll want to head back but dig deep and Just. Keep. Going.
  3. With dedication and perseverance, you start to build your tolerance for discomfort and pain and learn to discern between the 2 and when slowing down and rest is warranted.
  4. It’s much easier and you will get much farther with support and accountability but ultimately, it is the promises you keep to yourself each day that determine your growth.
  5. You’ll have days where you feel like crap and the run feels hard and awful and you want to stop and that does not mean you’re regressing. Rest. Relax. Tomorrow is a new day.
  6. Nature makes the journey much more enjoyable.
  7. Breathing is super important. You won’t get anywhere without your breath.
  8. Pay attention to and listen to your body.
  9. It’s helpful to have someone to help plan your route in advance, so you can focus on the work as opposed to where you’re going.
  10. Sometimes, a little medication to help balance your biochemistry and allow you to achieve your optimal functioning may be super helpful and, in some cases, necessary. And there is no shame in that. Whatever you need to support your body and build a sturdy foundation is your business and totally okay. (I have recently been requiring puffers for asthma, which I was initially so resistant towards but realized how helpful they are to take before a run, while I get to the root of things in the background, and now wonder why I didn’t start them sooner!).
  11. Everyone goes at their own pace. There will be people ahead of you and people behind you and neither speaks to the work you have done or where you are at… ultimately, you will find a pace that best suits you to get to the finish line.

The only difference? There is no finish line!

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