Driving Lessons

When we first moved to our new place, I had to tackle a driving maneuver that got me across four lanes of 60-80km/hour traffic in less than 500 metres—directly off of the highway. Each day, as I approached the exit, anxiety would increase to the point that I would sometimes even take the next exit off of the highway to avoid the 4-lane dash. I felt stressed and rushed and at a loss when it came to relying on my assertive driving and/or the kindness of zooming strangers in cars.

After a few weeks of this dance, I finally came to realize that I ALWAYS got over in time. Not that it would be a big deal if I didn’t because I would just loop my way back around eventually (although navigating the one-way streets of Hamilton has been interesting for my directionally-challenged self), but lane by lane, someone ALWAYS lets me in. And, I ALWAYS get over in time. It’s messy, and, at times, stressful, and some cars require a little more assertiveness than others but I’ve really learned to lean into the uncertainty and trust the process of the 4-lane dash!

The previously overwhelming sea of chaos and uncertainty has started to feel more like a natural flow that I more freely merge into when the time is right.
Not unlike the 4-lane dash, life flows so much more freely when we simply let go, lean in, and trust the process. Yes, we have to make moment-to-moment choices that determine which lane we will take on our journey but in the end, one way or another, we always end up right where we need to be.


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