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A Letter to 2020

A Letter to 2020

November 18, 2020

Dearest 2020: Thank you. You’ve been but the most challenging pain in my ass, yet ever-impactful teacher all at once. Kind of like my Grade Four teacher, Miss Osborne: Harsh and cold in her delivery but some pivotal teachings imparted, nonetheless. Thank you for the numerous losses and transitions, both personal and professional, that forced […]

On Cultivating Healthy Routines and Rituals

On Cultivating Healthy Routines and Rituals

October 7, 2020

I wasn’t always this way. Those who worked with me in my previous job would typically see me walking around with endless supplies of sugary snacks, diet pop, and coffee in my shaking hands. I really and truly cringe when I think of my old habits. I feel sad for myself but not ashamed because […]

8 Things I’ve Learned in my 8 Years as a Therapist

8 Things I’ve Learned in my 8 Years as a Therapist

September 16, 2020

If you’ve ever sought support from a therapist, you’ve (hopefully) experienced the healing benefits and transformation that can occur within the context of a safe relationship. You’ve probably taken away tidbits of wisdom, paired with a whole lot of self-reflection, discovery, and growth, but did you ever stop to think about what your therapist might’ve […]

Janice GillHey there! My name is Janice.

I am a holistic psychotherapist, yoga teacher (200-hr), meditation teacher (100-hr), registered social worker (MSW, RSW), college professor, world traveller, and lifelong learner. I am an ally, an advocate, and a holder of hope. Above all else, I am a human BEING, who deeply understands the experience of battling through the trenches of trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression. I have learned some invaluable tools along my journey—both personally and professionally—that I am passionate about sharing with those seeking transformation and change. 

I value authenticity, compassion, and humour, and always exemplify these qualities whether I’m providing a learning, healing, or reflective space for others. I believe in the importance of mindful breathing, compassionate curiosity, spending time in nature, and the ability to laugh at oneself every now and again.

My professional practice mirrors that of my personal beliefs, values, and ethics, which includes (an imperfect and ever-evolving) commitment and dedication to anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and ultimately, a critical consideration of any of the other “isms” or oppressions of marginalized individuals and groups.

I believe in being real with ourselves and others, especially, with regards to the inevitable curveballs of life, which we all encounter in varying shades. In my experience, realness leads to connection and compassion, which are the cornerstones of human growth and development.

Thanks for visiting this space and allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Be real and be well.


If you have any questions or queries or are interested in collaborating or working with me, please do Connect with me!

*All bodies and identities are safe and welcome here.

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